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Helpful Cooking Labels

Helpful Cooking Labels

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Customize your home with our waterproof and removable labels! The labels can be removed cleanly without residue and adheres well to most glass, plastic and metals. Hey, they even work in the fridge! 

These labels are in black and white and are designed to help you throughout the kitchen! Whether you need to remember how many minutes to boil that pasta or kidney beans, what the expiration date is and how many servings, the amount of dry ingredients to liquid or even how long to brew your tea!

Apply the labels on a clean, flat surface. Start from one edge of the label and apply even pressure as you press the label on. 

Printed in the U.S.A.

QTY  30 round labels per sheet
SIZE  1.5" in diameter

Need labels that we don’t have?
Contact us - we’ll try our best to fit them in the next production run! 

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